Andey-Ke-Funday (All-Day Menu)

Half Fry₹50

Bring back memories of a school day morning with a half fried eggs spiced to perfection

Masala Half-fry₹70

Dressed with a sumptuous spiced combination of onions, green chili, garlic, ginger, & chopped tomatoes.

Masala Half-fry₹70

Dressed with a sumptuous spiced combination of onions, green chili, garlic, ginger, & chopped tomatoes.

Crush Half-fry₹75

Devour a masala fry dressed with grated boiled egg.


Indian style scrambled egg with chopped onions, green chillies , ginger , garlic and spices

Crush Omlet₹75

A succulent blend of omlet & grated boiled Egg with a dash of spice

Egg Kejriwal₹120

Chopped mushrooms cooked in white sauce layered on Bombay pav topped with half fried eggs & cheddar cheese.

Italian Omlet₹120

Omlet filled with sun dried tomatoes, oregano & sauteed potatoes , tomatoes & bell peppers

Irani Wrestler’s Omlet₹130

Jumbo omlet slowly cooked with chunks of potatoes, onions, tomatoes, Indian spices & lots of coriander

Bread Omlet₹100

Straight from streets of India. Sliced white bread wrapped with our traditional masala omlet

Cheese Plain Omlet₹100

Traditional omlet stuffed with cheddar cheese.

Cheese Masala Omlet₹110

Traditional masala omlet stuffed with cheddar cheese.

Masala Omlet₹90

Traditional Indian style omlet cooked with onions, green chilies, ginger, garlic and spices.

Kerala Parotta Omlet₹120

Chopped parathas mashed/cooked with eggs, tomatoes, onions, ginger, garlic & green chilies.

Mushroom Omlet₹100

A blend of freshly chopped mushrooms, onion, garlic and spices.

Mushroom Cheese Omlet₹120

Experience the burst of cheddar cheese emerging out of Mushroom omlet.

Corn Cheese Omlet₹120

A corn-coaction of corn , whipped egg and everything nice.

Masala Corn Cheese Omlet ₹130

Better spice it up.

Corn Capsicum Chilli & Cheese Omlet₹140

It doesn’t get better than these.

White Omlet₹110

Going heathy? Try our egg white omlet packed with nutrition

Boiled Eggs with Masala₹100

Boiled egg , just the way you like it. Sliced & Spiced.

Andey-Ke-Saath (Breads)

Bun Maska₹30

Pav devoured with butter.

Masala Bun Maska₹40

Bun Maska spiced-up.


Bun Maska spiced-up.

Brown Paratha₹40

Wheat mix parotta.

Malabar Paratha Omlet₹50

Soft & flaky layered Kerala parotta.

Brown Malabar Paratha₹50

Whole wheat mix Malabar parotta.

Reshmi Paratha₹100

Delicious soft paratha made with eggs, milk & refined flour

Cheese Masala Pav ₹60

Bombay Pav ₹15

Gravies & Curries (Lunch & Dinner)

Omlet Gravy – Chef’s Sepcial₹140

Chef’s special Omlet gravy infused with traditional Indian spices


Grated boiled egg, chopped onions, green chillies, ginger, Garlic, tomato and half fried egg

Anda Curry₹135

Boiled egg in traditional Indian curry.

Power Egg Curry₹150

Sliced boiled egg with power packed spinach in a spicy tomato gravy with onions, green chilies, etc.

Egg Lazeez – Chef’s Signature₹170

When cheddar cheese meeting boiled egg gravy it’s cheese-licious .

Anda Dal Tadka ₹150

Dhaba style dal tadka with egg bhurji.

Paneer Bhurji₹180

Simmering tomato gravy enriched with home made masala enhanced with paneer & spices.

Tawa Chicken₹200

Boneless chicken tossed with onions, green chilies, capsicum along with spicy gravy.

Kadai Chicken₹200

Chicken cooked in thick gravy.

Chicken Do-Pyaza₹200

Dhaba-style chicken cooked with lots of onion, capsicum, green chilies and spices.

Chicken Butter Masala₹220

Most loved chicken gravy of India.

Hariyali Chicken₹220

Chicken cooked in delicious green curry.

Chicken Sukka₹210

Chicken cooked in thick gravy with twist and aroma of curry leaves infused.

Tawa Paneer₹170

Paneer cubes tossed with onions, green chilies, capsicum along with spicy gravy.

Paneer Butter Masala₹190

Most loved paneer gravy of India.

Kadai Paneer₹180

Fresh paneer cooked in thick gravy

Mutton Rojangosh₹250

Mutton Kasa₹250

Odisha special, traditional mutton curry cooked slowly with onion, ginger , garlic and traditional spices.

Mutton Keema₹250

Noodles & Rice

Egg Bhurji Chowmin₹140

Spicy hakka noodles cooked with our traditional egg bhurji, bell peppers, onion, tomatoes & spring onion topped with half fry egg.


Noodles cooked in our chef’s special chatpata gravy mixed with egg bhurji, bell pepper, onion, tomato & spring onion topped with half fry egg

Rice Bhurji ₹130

A perfect blend of carbs & protein – scrambled minced egg mixed with basmati rice , grated boiled egg & spices

Rice Bhurji With Masala Fry₹140

It is getting more interesting! Try out our rice bhurji dressed with masala half fry.

Tawa Pulao / Egg₹100/ 120

Dhaba style pulao, basmati rice tossed with onions, tomatoes, capsicum & our special tawa masala mix.

Jeera Rice₹100

Basmati rice tossed with jeera and butter.


Chilly Chicken₹220

Spicy chilly chicken tossed with soya sauce and tomato sauce infused with lots of onion, garlic, ginger & green onions.

Chicken Manchurian₹220

Deep fried chicken served with hot Manchurian sauce.

Paneer Chilly₹200

Fresh paneer tossed with richness of soya & tomato sauce infused with lots if onions , ginger, garlic & green onions

Gobi Manchurian₹190

Things can go interesting with gobi too. Fried, tossed and served with thick Manchurian sauce.

Chilly Mushroom₹190

Things can get tastier & tastier with mushroom too!

Pepper Mushroom Fry₹190

Mushroom fried with a lot of pepper.

Sandwiches & Rolls

Omlet Sandwich₹80

Spicy masala omlet tucked inside a Bombay, pav.

Masala Omlet Sandwich ₹90

Try omlet sandwich with a medley vada pav chutney made of garlic , coconut and chilies.

Egg Roll₹100

Simple made easy – paratha rolled with fluffy beaten eggs and masala.

Egg Bhurji Roll ₹100

A dish which will take you back to the memory lane when your mom rolled paratha with egg bhurji for your tiffin.

Egg & Cheese Roll₹120

Mildly spiced paratha with egg and cheddar cheese.

Pahadi Chicken Egg Roll₹120

Anda paratha stuffed with succulent chicken cubes flavored with coriander, mint, ginger, garlic & and traditional Indian spices.

Chili Chicken Roll₹130

Most favorite fast food - anda paratha stuffed with spicy chilly chicken with loads on onion, garlic and chilies.

Tawa Chicken Roll₹130

When everyone favorite chicken gravy combines with anda paratha then it gives a mesmerizing.

Garlic Chicken Roll₹120

Boneless chicken flavored with garlic & spices wrapped in anda paratha.

Malai Chicken Egg Roll₹140

Creamy chicken marinated with cheese, cashew paste, ginger, garlic, yoghurt & garam masala rolled inside a layered paratha.

Paneer Achari Roll/Egg₹100/120

Delicious malai paratha cooked in tangy pickle & rolled in paratha.

Paneer Bhurji Roll/Egg ₹110/130

Succulent malai paneer bhurji makes this paratha roll irresistible!.

Aloo Cheese Roll/Egg ₹85/100

Chicken cooked in thick gravy with twist and aroma of curry leaves infused.


Bombay Masala Biryani₹240

Spicy and authentic Bombay chicken biryani.

Hyderabadi Dum Biryani₹240

Our chef’s special authentic Hyderabadi chicken dum biryani cooked to perfection with traditional spices.

Chicken 65 Biryani₹240

Authentic Hyderabadi biryani but with a twist!

Bombay Masala Biryani₹270

Spicy and authentic Bombay mutton biryani.

Hyderabadi Dum Biryani ₹270

Our chef’s special authentic Hyderabadi mutton dum biryani cooked to perfection with traditional spices.

Chai & Coffee Break

Cutting Chai ₹20 / ₹30

Authentic road side chai otherwise known as “Karak”.

Adraki Chai ₹25 / ₹35

Special “Karak” with lots of ginger, good for digestion.

Masala Chai ₹25 / ₹35

Chai infused with lot of aromatic spices.

Special Zafrani Chai ₹35 / ₹45

Saffron enriched special chai.

Elaichi Chai ₹25 / ₹35

Saffron enriched special chai.

Green Tea ₹25 / ₹35

Classic green tea with lot of health benefits.

Kuch Thanda Ho Jaye

Masala Coke ₹40

Spike up your coke with tangy masala.

Soft Drinks ₹30


Mineral Water Small ₹25

Mineral Water Big ₹35

Chocolate Oreo & Mint ₹100

Recipe -chocolate Mint Oreo & millk blend with ice

Kiwi Mint ₹120

Recipe -fresh kiwi& mint with lime juice blend with secret masala.

Litchi Queen ₹120

Recipe -fresh litchi & litchi juice blend with fresh cream topping with grenadine.

Strawberry colada ₹120

Recipe -fresh strawberry &mango juice &blend with ice cream.

Mojito ₹60

Recipe - chunks of lime fresh mint with sugar and ice.

Fruits Punch ₹100

Recipe - mix juice with ice-cream

Summer Cooler ₹100

Recipe - mix juice with mint & ice.

Virgin Pina Colada ₹90

Recipe -pineapple juice coconut.syrup blend with ice topping with vanilla ice cream.


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